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03/ Missions

Graphic and digital design

As professionals of the design, web, corporate and BtoB sectors, we combine within our creations creativity, technology and relevance. Every design is well-argued over, carried by a diverse team, expert in both print and digital.

We dedicate our time to different projects ranging from crafting the brands’ image, rebranding, website and digital projects design, to the fulfillment of special projects such as animated videos or html.

Our creatives and developers are used to work in collaboration with other teams within the agency. As such they have developed unique skills regarding infographics, professional magazines, studies, whitepapers, professional presentations or clients pitchs.

We master the whole graphic and technical chain, from conception up to production and delivery. We offer a hotline service regarding digital creations.

We recently extended our offer to office branding, that is aligning the workplace with the image and values of the brands we assist.

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Logo and graphic charter
Visual territory
Leaflet and promotional materials
Media supports and banners
Websites and landing page
Editorial platforms and blog
Email design
Animation and motion design
Office branding